Frequently Asked Quesions

Not sure what questions to ask?

Here are common questions that I get asked.

What are my credentials and qualifications?

Unlike many financial advisors who turned to financial planning as a second career, I have been a financial planner since Day 1. I have a degree in Financial Planning from San Diego State University and have over 5 years of planning experience working at a large Broker-Dealer and boutique family office.

I have been a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) since 2018. While you may believe that all financial advisors are the same, only those who have fulfilled the certification requirements of the CFP Board can display the CFP® marks, which represent a high level of competency, ethics, and professionalism. Learn more at the CFP Board’s website.

I have been an Enrolled Agent since 2021. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Enrolled agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights. This means they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS offices they can represent clients before. Learn more in Treasury Department Circular 230.

Am I a Fiduciary?

As a CFP® professional, I must act as a fiduciary, and therefore, act in the best interests of the Client. This means that I must put your interests ahead of my own.

What are my conflicts of interest?

In addition to Financial Planning and Investment Advisory services, I also provide Tax Preparation, IRS Representation, and Notarization Services. If you choose to utilize me for these services, you will be charged a separate fee that will be disclosed prior to engagement.

I also work as an Income Tax Expert for Intuit on a part-time, seasonal basis.

What services do I offer?

I provide Financial Planning, Investment Advisory, Tax Preparation, and IRS Representation services.

“Financial Planning” is a very broad topic and covers different subjects depending on your unique needs. These topics include but are not limited to: Life planning & goal setting, Credit optimization, Insurance review, Loan payoff strategy, Cash flow planning, Investment management, Mortgage planning, College savings, Company benefit review, Retirement planning, Tax planning, Estate planning, Stock option and RSU planning, and Salary review & recommendations.

How will you pay for services?

I use Advice Pay to invoice clients for their Financial Planning and Tax Preparation fees. This can be paid via credit card or your bank account.

Investment Advisory fees will only be assessed if you choose to open an investment account with Betterment. Your advisory fees will be deducted from your investment and will be clearly noted on the account statements that you will receive from Betterment.

What types  of clients do I work with?

I work with clients of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. While most financial advisors seek out older and wealthy clients, I believe that financial planning should be available to all.

My primary focus is Millennial first-time home buyers and young families, and tech workers with company stock.

How will our relationship work?

Financial Planning is a two-way street. While I can provide you with a detailed analysis and organized action items, it will be up to you to implement my recommendations that are assigned to you to complete.

I believe that Financial Planning is most beneficial for clients as a long-term engagement. However, if you are no longer in need of financial advice or accountability, we can terminate the relationship at any time.

What is my approach to Financial Planning?

My approach to Financial Planning begins with a complimentary, Introductory meeting where I learn about you and your needs, and assess where you are today.

After gathering certain financial information and documents, we will have a Plan Design meeting where we define what your goals are and the life you want to achieve. This includes creating a statement of current Financial Position and Spending Plan.

After analyzing your information, we will have a Plan Delivery meeting where we work together to create a plan for how you will achieve your goals. This will include assigning tasks not only for you to complete but also for me to complete to help you implement your Action Plan.

After implementing your plan, we will meet on a semi-annual basis to update your financial plan and help keep you on the right track to achieve your goals.

What is my investment philosophy?

My investment philosophy is based on passive investment management. This means that I do not believe you can “beat” or “time” the market.

While we can’t predict how the stock market will perform, there are strategies that can help you minimize taxes, maintain your risk tolerance, and avoid unnecessary fees.

Are you required to invest with me?

Most financial advisors will only provide financial planning to clients if they meet their investment minimums, typically $1 Million. I believe that financial planning should be accessible to everyone, regardless if they are ready to invest in the stock market or not.

I have no investment minimums to work with me. There is no requirement to invest with me or to utilize Betterment for your portfolio management.